Monday, September 1, 2014

A Comparison Between the Cartoons and the Film Clips

            One of the most outstanding characteristics of the cartoons was the exaggerated facial and body expressions signifying the importance of emotions in this art. The facial expressions that the cartoon characters would make, at times conveyed a more important message than the spoken words. For example, it would not take the viewer a long time to see that sense of shrewdness of the evil character or the simplemindedness of the good character merely based on their looks. Likewise, in the film clips, facial expressions as well as hand gestures of the evil character show his sense of evilness while the way the person tied to the rail road moves her body desperately for help show her state helplessness.
            Another way that the cartoons resembled the film clips was the idea of “good vs. evil” which was the most noticeable underlying theme among all video clips. It was not clear if the good was always the ultimate winner but all can be said is that the good was never actually harmed by the evil. Moreover, in both the cartoons and the film clips there were only very few characters which helped them just be on-point without much descriptive details.

            The film clips and cartoons were in many ways similar to a stage play. In most stage plays, the characters in the play have a much higher importance in the storyline than the scene wanting the audience to pay more attention to the emotions rather than the looks. Just like in stage plays, the cartoons and the film clips focused mainly on the expressing of emotions which helps their viewers understand the storyline even when no word is spoken. 

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